CCA By-Laws


ARTICLE I  Organization

A.  General
B.  Changes
C.  Board of Directors

ARTICLE II  Duties And Responsibilities Of Officers
AND BOARD OF Directors

A.  President
B.  Vice President
C.  Secretary
D.  Treasurer
E.  Board of Directors
F.  Chaplain
G.  Subordinate Officers

ARTICLE III  Committees And Appointees

A.  Executive Committee
B.  Nominating Committee
C.  Reunion Committee
D.  Membership Committee
E.  Constitution and By-Laws Review Committee
F.  Appointments
G.  Duties
H.  Quorum
I.   Meetings
J.  Appropriations
K.  Reports
L. Removal

ARTICLE IV  Membership Dues

A.  Annual Membership Dues
B.  Life Membership Dues
C  Arrears Of Dues
D.  Chapter Dues


A.  CCA Newsletter
B.  Computer Web Log (BLOG)
C.  Website

ARTICLE VI  Apparel Store

A.  General
B.  Funds
C.  Satellite Stores

ARTICLE VII  Combat Control Monuments

A.  Monument at the CombatControlSchool
B.  Monument at the HurlburtAirPark


A.  Richard L. Foxx Award
B.  Jerome E. Bennett Award
C.  John A. Chapman Award
D.  Lee Everson Award




A.      GENERAL.  The By-Laws shall be enforced with the Constitution of the Association, the state of Florida, and the Internal Revenue Service, as a not for profit organization.

B.      CHANGES.  The Board of Directors may, by a two-thirds majority vote, make changes to these By-Laws as needed.  Such changes will be published and distributed to the membership by common means of correspondence, or at the general business meeting.

C.      BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  The Board of Directors shall be charged with the general policies and day-to-day activities of the Association for the control of all funds of the Association.



A.      PRESIDENT.  The President shall exercise the powers and perform the duties assigned to him by the Constitution and By-Laws and shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association.  Subject to the Constitution and By-Laws, the President shall generally supervise the management of the Association.  He shall have full power to enforce the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws and the will of the membership, as expressed at the general business meetings or through electronic or written means of the entire membership.  He shall preside over the general business meetings.  He shall appoint all necessary committees and shall perform such other duties incidental to the office.

B.      VICE PRESIDENT.  The Vice President shall perform other duties as may be assigned to him by the President.  During the President’s absence, he shall preside over functions and meetings usually chaired or overseen by the President.  The Vice President shall assume the office of President in the event that office becomes vacant.  His term as President shall expire on the date the past President’s term was due to end.

C.      SECRETARY.  The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining all records of the Association and for other matters of which the Association requires a record or by law.  Members of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, and any committee established by the Association, shall provide the Secretary with copies of any correspondence and other documentation relating to their function on a regular and timely basis. He shall coordinate with the Treasurer as necessary to file the Association’s tax-exempt paperwork with the state of Florida and the Internal Revenue Service.  The Secretary shall perform any and all administrative functions required by the President, the Board of Directors, or the Association.  He shall maintain a Combat Control homepage, database of deceased Combat Controllers, and historical records of Combat Control units or personnel accomplishments.  He shall maintain membership rolls, membership directories, and prepare membership credentials. The Secretary may also serve as Treasurer. In the event that the Treasure is not able to attend the business or annual meeting, the Secretary will be responsible for providing the Treasures report.

D.      TREASURER.  The Treasurer shall collect and disburse all funds of the Association and be the custodian of said funds at designated banking institutions.  He shall establish an annual budget that is based on the previous yearly expenses. He shall deposit all life membership dues in interest bearing accounts.  It is hereby provided that only the interest or dividends of life membership funds may be applied to Association accounts disbursements.  Account books shall be maintained and open to inspection by any member of the Board of Directors.  He shall provide financial reports at general business meetings, Board meetings and at other times as requested by the Board of Directors or the President.  He shall fill out the tax-exempt paperwork and file it on a timely basis.  He shall perform other duties as may be assigned by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association and are usually incident to the office. Any investments shall be made at fair market value and approved in writing in a contractual agreement to the effect the Association shall be without any risk. In the event the Secretary is not available at business or board meetings, the Treasure will be responsible for providing the Secretary’s report.


1.   MEETINGS.  The Board of Directors shall meet at such times and places designated by the President.  The President shall call a special meeting on his own volition, or upon written request of the Vice President, or simple majority vote of the Board of Directors.

2.   QUORUM.  A simple majority of its members shall constitute a quorum of the Board of Directors.  A quorum of the Board of Directors must be present to conduct Association business.  Absent members of the Board of Directors shall be counted as present at special meetings but only for those matters with respect to which the President of the Association, prior to the meeting, receives a written vote of such absent members. Members of the Board of Directors may participate and be considered in attendance if they participate via teleconference.

3.   POWERS.  In addition to such powers as are specifically conferred upon it by the Constitution and By-Laws, the Board of Directors shall be responsible for the general on-going and management of the affairs of the Association, future planning of Association matters and make such directives and decisions it deems advisable to insure that matters of business are consistent with the aims of the Constitution and By-Laws.

4.   MINUTES.  The Board of Directors shall keep a written record (referred to as minutes) of all its proceedings.  Such minutes are permanent records and shall be kept on file by the Secretary with a copy also maintained by the President.  Minutes of the Board proceedings shall be open to inspection upon reasonable notice by any CCA member in good standing and shall be posted as may be required by law.

5.   ABSENCES.  A Board member who four times each year absents himself from meetings convened according to the Constitution and By-Laws shall, by such actions, vacate his office.  Absences, which in the judgment of the Board are excusable, shall not work to affect a vacancy.  Vacancies created by this section shall be filled as provided by the Constitution and By-Laws. Board members attending via teleconference are not counted as being absent from the meeting.

F.      CHAPLAIN.  If one is appointed, the Chaplain shall attend to the details of memorials, funerals, and similar spiritual functions.

G.      SUBORDINATE OFFICERS.  The President shall have the power to appoint Regular members of the Association as subordinate officers for the proper administration of the affairs of the Association.



A.      EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.  The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

B.      NOMINATING COMMITTEE.   Prior to any Association election, the Board of Directors shall appoint a Nominating Committee, or it may reserve this function for itself.  The Nominating Committee shall meet at a time and place selected by the President with the concurrence of the Board of Directors and shall proffer the name of at least one nominee for each elected office that is to become vacant in the following year and which is to be filled by election during the next general business meeting.  Prior to the next general business meeting, the Nominating Committee may solicit nominations from the membership by electronic or written communications.

C.      REUNION COMMITTEE.  During those years in which there is a reunion or national convention, a reunion committee will be formed to handle the details and functions or the reunion.  Any funds needed shall be coordinated with the Board of Directors.  No commitments will be made without the approval of the Board.

D.      MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE.    From time to time the Board of Directors may convene a membership committee.  This committee will act on the agenda established by the Board of Directors, and work with the Association Secretary.

E.      CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS REVIEW COMMITTEE.  When deemed necessary, the Board of Directors may appoint a committee to review the Association’s Constitution and/or By-Laws.  This committee shall receive and review all matters related to proposed change(s), and present its’ findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors and the membership.

F.      APPOINTMENTS.  In addition to the listed committees, the President may appoint committees or individuals to accomplish specific tasks or objectives.

G.      DUTIES.  Each committee shall perform the duties assigned according to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association.  The President shall resolve any questions that may arise as to the jurisdiction of a committee.

H.     QUORUM.  A quorum of any committee shall consist of a simple majority of its members.

I.       MEETINGS.  Each committee appointed by the President shall meet from time to time after due notice and call by the Chairman.  The majority of members of a committee may request a meeting.

J.       APPROPRIATIONS.  The Chairman of any committee may make application to the Executive Committee and/or to the Board of Directors for the appropriation of funds for the work of the committee.  No committee shall have the authority to incur any indebtedness of pecuniary liability for which the Association shall be responsible, except to the extent authorized in advance by the Executive Committee or Board of Directors.

K.      REPORTS.  Each committee shall keep a record of its proceedings and shall make a written report of its activities as required by the President or the Board of Directors.

L.      REMOVAL. Appointed committee members serve at the pleasure of the President and may be removed accordingly, or may be removed by the written request of two-thirds of the committee members.



A.      ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES.   Regular and Associate Annual Membership dues are $25.00 per year.  New members will receive credit for a full year paid, if they join the Association and pay their dues the last quarter of the previous calendar year.

B.      LIFE MEMBERSHIP DUES.  Regular and Associate Life Membership dues are $150.00.  Honorary Life Membership is not subject to dues.  Annual members not in arrears may join as a Life Member for an additional $125.

C.      ARREARS OF DUES.  Members in arrears for annual membership dues for over one year shall forfeit their rights of membership in the association, after notification. Such forfeiture shall not prevent rejoining the Association by paying current year(s) dues.

D.      CHAPTER DUES.   Chapter dues will be at the discretion of the local chapter.



A.      CCA Newsletter.  The Association shall publish and send a CCA Newsletter to each member in good standing several times a year.  Distribution of the newsletter may be made by either electronic or printed means.  Members with email addresses will not be mailed printed copies.

B.      Computer Web Log (BLOG).  CCA relevant information may be published on the CCA BLOG.  The BLOG is maintained by the Association Secretary or designated representative as a communication device for the rapid delivery of important news to the CCA membership.  This is not to be considered as a substitute for the Newsletter. The Blog is not currently monitored for “Chat” or any other two way communications.

C.      WEBSITE.  The Association shall maintain a Website.  The CCA Membership Directory and other media products, that not for public viewing, will be made available to only Association members who have established a “user name” and password for their personal account.  Members not in good standing may be removed from “secure” information unless approved by the Board of Directors.



A.      GENERAL.   The Association shall maintain a Combat Control Store (Country Store).  It will normally be active during reunions or other Association sponsored events.  Items will be purchased and sold by the Association as an operations revenue source. Shipping and handling charges will apply to all sales not made in person during sponsored events.  Items sold will include, but are not limited to: hats, shirts, jackets, cups, mugs, coins and other promotional items.

B.      FUNDS.   The Treasurer will maintain a separate account for tracking sales income and expenses.

C.      SATELLITE STORES.   The association may have satellite stores at the Combat Control School, Special Tactics Training Squadron and at other locations such as Mini-Reunion gatherings when deemed appropriate.  All items sold through the store will be approved by the Board of Directors. Store items will be in good taste and will not bring discredit to the Association or Combat Control/Special Tactics units.  The satellite store at Combat Control School may operate as a separate entity, but a member in good standing must maintain appropriate sales logs/receipts and provide a report at least annually to the CCA Treasurer.  Annual reports should be based on the calendar year.  This is important for annual tax reporting purposes.



The Association currently maintains two monuments honoring fallen Combat Controllers.  One monument is located at the Combat Control School at Pope Field, North Carolina and the other is at the Hurlburt Air Park at Hurlburt Field, Florida.



a.  Member must be on active duty, reserve or guard  duty, AND

b.  Member must be assigned to a unit document listing (UDL) as a Combat Controller at the time of death, AND

c.  Must have been killed in action (KIA) or died from injuries sustained thereof, OR

d.  Killed as a direct result of terrorist activities against the United States Government or died from injuries sustained thereof, OR

e.  Killed or died while in direct participation of unilateral or joint training exercises or died from injuries sustained thereof, OR


a.  Membership in the Combat Control Association is not required for eligibility.

b.  Any Combat Controller or family member may submit appropriate documents of the incident to the Association Board or Directors for review and approval.

c.   The Board shall review each application to ensure compliance with established criteria.

d.  Upon approval, the Board will initiate construction of the nameplate and coordinate with the unit and/or family members for ceremonial detail requirements.  The Combat Control School and CCA will coordinate a timely and appropriate ceremony to unveil the nameplate.

e.  Under special circumstances, the Board may recommend an application, which does not clearly meet the criteria, but perhaps deserves recognition.  In this case, the subject will be placed on the agenda for confirmation at the next general membership meeting.  If confirmed, construction and coordination shall be implemented as outlined in (d.) above.

f.   Applications which do not meet the criteria shall be disapproved and the applicant will be notified of the Board’s decision.

3.     MAINTENANCE.  The Association shall coordinate for the maintenance of this monument with the Commander/Commandant of the Combat Control School.



1.     Name Placement Criteria. Member must have been killed in action (KIA), or missing in action (MIA), or died from injuries sustained thereof, while on active duty, reserve or guard duty.

2.     Name Submission Procedures

a.     The Board shall coordinate with the appropriate authority for the HurlburtAirPark for inclusion of the member’s name on the monument.

b.     Upon approval, the Board will initiate construction of the nameplate and coordinate with the unit and/or family members for ceremonial detail requirements.

3.     Maintenance.  The Association shall coordinate for the maintenance of this monument with the appropriate authority for the HurlburtAirPark.



A.      RICHARD L. FOXX AWARD.   The Association shall sponsor the Richard L. Foxx Honor Graduate Award, in memory of Technical Sergeant Richard L. Foxx, who was shot down and killed while flying in a U-10 aircraft providing close air support in combat over South Vietnam on 15 October 1962.  He was history’s first Combat Controller killed in combat.

The Richard L. Foxx Award recognizes the Combat Control School’s enlisted (Combat Control/ 1C2XX) student with the highest standing in the class using the following criteria:  His academic score must have been maintained at a minimum 92 percentile average; he must have ranked in his physical training within the top 50 percentile of the best of the class; he must have ranked superior on Student Peer Evaluation; and rate high on general order and discipline as determined by the school instructor cadre.  The Richard Foxx Award is the highest honor bestowed upon any student.  It recognizes overall excellence.  The student receiving this award is truly “The Best of the Best.”

  1. JEROME E. BENNETT AWARD.   The Association shall sponsor the Technical Sergeant Jerome E. Bennett Award in memory of TSgt Jerry Bennett, who was fatally injured on 27 October 1986, during a training parachute jump while assigned to Detachment 4, NAFCOS, later renamed the 24th Special Tactics Squadron.

The Jerome E. Bennett Award is presented to the Combat Control School student who best exemplifies the attributes of TSgt Jerry Bennett, namely, that of being a team player, continually putting others ahead of himself; keeping the team together, and striving for mission success.  A vote by the student body prior to graduation shall select the award recipient.  The recipient will be chosen by receiving the most votes and the results shall be ratified by approval of the Combat Control Commander/Commandant.  In the event of a tie the cadre will vote to determine the winner, if tied the Commander/Commandant will determine the winner.

  1. JOHN A. CHAPMAN AWARD.  The Association shall sponsor the John A. Chapman Award in the memory of Technical Sergeant John A. Chapman, who was killed in action on 4 March 2002 in Afghanistan, during the “Battle of Robert’s Ridge”, while serving as a member of the 24th Special Tactics Squadron.

The John A. Chapman Award is presented to the Advanced Skills Training Course student who best exemplifies the attributes of a team player by displaying exceptional performance, team spirit, selflessness, and a striving for mission success. The award recipient will be selected by a simple majority vote of his graduating teammates and validated by cadre established criteria.  In the event of a tie the cadre will vote to determine the winner, if tied the Commander will determine the winner.

  1. LEE EVERSON AWARD.  The Association may sponsor the Lee Everson Award in the memory of Senior Master Sergeant Lee Everson, who died on 27 August 1979, during an Operational Readiness Inspection of the 317th Tactical Airlift Wing Combat Control Team, Pope AFB, North Carolina.

Where deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, the Lee Everson Award is awarded in conjunction with airlift/special operations related military competitions, such as the Air Mobility Command’s Airlift Rodeo, or similar competitive military exercises. If awarded, it shall be presented to the United States competitor who has demonstrated a high degree of competence in all areas of the competition as well as displaying a competitive “can do” spirit, a courteous demeanor, and helpfulness to fellow competitors. The recipient shall be elected by a vote of a majority of the other competitors, including any allied competitors.  In the event of a tie the Board of Directors will vote to determine the winner.  If tied, the CCA President will determine the winner.



When notified of the passing of a Life Member, the association may fund a remembrance in honor of the deceased.  When requested by a surviving family member, a contribution to a charity of choice can be made in lieu of flowers.  Active duty members killed in action (KIA) or during combat training events may be given similar recognition.  Remembrances for other type deaths based on unique circumstances will be decided at the discretion of the Association’s Executive Officers and Board of Directors.  The contribution for any death will not exceed the price of a life membership.