ELection Of Board Members 2014

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During the CCA Annual Business Meeting scheduled for October 18, 2014, a vote in accordance with the Combat Control Association (CCA) Constitution By-Laws will occur for two Board of Director positions.  The CCA General Membership elected Board of Directors Rich Crutchfield and Sam Schindler.  Both Director Crutchfield and Schindler resigned and I appointed Ken Huhman (LM-0770) and Mike Sneeder (LM-0775).  Both Director Huhman and Director Sneeder have agreed to fill the three year term of office which ends October 2015.  

IAW the Combat Control Association (CCA) Constitution by-Laws, I’ve appointed Ron Childress (LM-139) as Chairman of the Nomination Committee.  The Nominating Committee shall meet at a time and place selected by the President with the concurrence of the Board of Directors and shall proffer the name of at least one nominee for each elected office that is to become vacant in the following year and which is to be filled by election during the next general business meeting.  Prior to the next general business meeting, the Nominating Committee may solicit nominations from the membership by electronic or written communications.

Nominations for two Combat Control Association (CCA) Board of Director positons are open from August 31, 2014 to September 17, 2014.  To make a nomination, you can contact Ron Childress via email  or telephone 850-582-8459.