Member Eligibility

Regular and Life Membership is offered to current, retired and former Combat Controllers.

Regular and Life Membership
is restricted to active duty/retired/separated military personnel who are or were qualified as Combat Controllers (i.e.: held an appropriate Primary, Control or Duty AFSC) in the U. S. Air Force or Air National Guard. Regular and Life members are entitled to vote at general business meetings and to hold office in the Association.

Associate Membership is extended to immediate family members of Combat Controllers, and to other individuals who share an interest in promoting and preserving the history, heritage and brotherhood of all Combat Controllers.

Associate members must be sponsored by a CCA member in good standing and approved by the Board of Directors or by vote of the general membership.   Associate members may not hold any Association office or vote, but may serve on non-policy making committees.  Associate Members serving in that capacity are not entitled to regular member privileges.

Annual Association Membership dues are $25/year, renewable each year.
Life Association Membership dues are a one-time fee of $150.

 If  you are eligible and want to join the Combat Control Association

Please complete the CCA application and registration form.    

The CCA Directory

The Combat Control Association Membership Database is restricted to CCA members in good standing.  This database has information on all members, CCT Class Sorters and much more.  Members can log-in here.