17th Tactical Airlift Squadron

17th Tactical Airlift Squadron
Elmendorf AFB, Alaska

Email received from the CCA Website Contact Form: 

I have four pics (digitalized from negatives, USAF photos) of the CCT attached to the 17th TAS "Firebirds" at Elmendorf AFB, approx. 1973 – good pics of the guys prepping their gear and hooked-up in a C-130. My dad was a nav in the -130 squadron. Most of them are gone, by now, but I'd love to offer the pics to any team members or family, plus offer you folks the pics for your archives. I was unable to locate any records or history of the CCT's service in the 17th back then. I'd appreciate any help.

Thanks to each of you for your professionalism and service.

From a member: Msgt Jim Nelson, Tsgt Marty Ragland, Tsgt Sidney Kidwell, and I think the Sgt in the picture is Sonny Graham. The Ssgt in the picture is hard to see clearly, but it may be Tom Laney.

Photo 1 ?, ?, ?, ?, Jim Nelson

Photo 2

Photo 3 ?, ?, ?, ?, Jim Nelson

Photo 4 Jim Nelson, ?, ?, ?, ?

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