CCA 2018 Annual Membership Meeting

CHANGE – The Annual Membership Meeting and Lunch will be held on Friday Dec 7, 2018 1200-1300 at the 21 STS, Pope AAF, NC.

The 2018 CCA Annual Membership Meeting will be held December 7, 2018 at 6pm EST in the Fayetteville NC area. The exact location is still being worked.

We would also like to thank the outgoing Board Members, John Bringolf, Glenn Palmer and Micky Wright as we welcome the 3 new board members Michael Lamonica, Chris Larkin and Michael West. They join the rest of the CCA Board Mark Navatt, Bernie Oder, Bruce Dixon and Kyle Stanbro to manage your association. The election this year was very tight and we thank the record breaking 302 members who cast ballots. This was up from 184 last year and represents almost 30% of our membership

The CCA is also trying to organize an ALL CCT dinner following the meeting, around 7pm EST. Great time to meet and greet your new board as well as team mates past and present.

To help us plan, please use the RSVP link below to let us know if you plan to attend the dinner. The RSVP is a 2 part operation. Register your email address and the system will email you a link to actually RSVP for the event. Usually we’d just us the CCA Membership site and login, but we want to invite ALL CCT to this gathering. Sorry for the extra step.

Link:  RSVP