Condiff Update Nov 22, 2019


Good afternoon. I want to start by apologizing for not getting this update out earlier. Mike West, the CCA rep coordinating support efforts for Operation Team Condiff, provided me information on Wednesday.

Due to a last minute business trip, I failed to get this out to you in a more timely manner. Please accept my sincerest apologies. I, and my board teammates, recognize you are tracking this closely as you want to help take care of our family.

Mike West, Maurice Sweet, Jake Sevy, and many other volunteers made some really good progress this week.

Saturday’s clean-up project went exactly as you would imagine, the team came together to clear out the yard, and adjacent lots setting us up for the follow-on phases of work. Thanks to all who participated.

Additionally, the team has worked with local vendors to assess, and scope the work for the deck, fence, roofing, siding, windows, doors, play set, and more advanced landscaping.

One of the things we learned is the deck was capturing moisture next to the house, so a local construction company recommended, and offered to install a cement slab as a more durable solution.

Not only did we get a better sight picture of the level of effort required, we also received many generous offers from the local community to donate materials and labor.

We are postured to get all of this work done at no cost to the family. Thanks to the many vendors who are joining us to take care of Rachel and the girls. We will formally recognize them at the appropriate time.

Although we have been pushing to get this work done very quickly, we are not moving as fast as we originally planned. The delays are understandable, such as ordering/delivering materials, scheduling professional labor, and getting permits for the work.

Mike, Maurice, and Jake are very aware that you are standing by waiting on a schedule, so you can assist. As the plan matures, we will get he information out to you. We appreciate your patience.

The 24 SOW also notified us this week that there will be a Remembrance Service on Hurlburt for Cole on Friday, December 6th, as per below. All are welcome/encouraged to participate.
Date: Dec 6, 2019
Time: 0900
Location: Freedom Hangar, on Hurlburt Field

With regard to the efforts to recover Cole, there are no new updates. The recovery operation continues. Please continue praying for our teammates (multi-service) participating in the recovery operation.and the family.

Thank you for your enduring support,
Mike Lamonica
CCA President

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