Update Oct 17, 2020


Good afternoon, we hope this message finds everyone well.

The results of our annual election to fill the two board seats scheduled to vacate at the end of the year are in.

As you are aware, Bernie Oder and Mark Nevatt’s three year term is coming to an end. We had six people accept nominations to fill those two positions.

William “Max” Goodman, Eric Homan, Don Karpowich, Johnnie Yellock, Mark Nevatt, and Bernie Oder were all on the ballot.

With 158 ballots cast, Mark Nevatt, and Bernie Oder were both selected for another 3-year term. Congratulations to them, and thanks for their willingness to serve.

Max, Eric, Don, and Johnnie, thanks for accepting your nominations, and your willingness to serve our great community. On behalf of the entire CCA, please accept our heartfelt thank you.

In addition to our elections, we are happy to announce that the CCA bylaws have been updated. The input we received from our members over the summer allowed the board to make informed decisions on the new bylaws.

Fundamentally we corrected some errors from the previous version, added our mission, clarified some key points, and removed redundant information.

The one major change was the removal of the Hall of Fame from the document, as voted on and decided in our 2019 survey on that specific topic.

The CCA will continue to run smoothly with the focus of serving our members, our teammates, and our families.

You can review the new bylaws here, https://usafcca.org/mdb/docs/Bylaws%20Oct%202020.pdf .

As we prepare for the end of the year, the board is going to set up a virtual business meeting. This will provide an opportunity for all members to be present for an end of year summary, and to discuss any topics you find important.

We plan to host this in the first two weeks of December, via Zoom, and we owe you a firm date in the near future. If you have topics you want to address, please feel free to send them to the board, at board@usafcca.org, or post to the website at https://usafcca.org/wp/contactcca/ . We welcome all topics or input you find important.

Our goal in hosting a virtual meeting is to garner as much participation as possible. Given the fact that our membership is spread from coast to coast, with some even overseas, and the impact of COVID-19 restrictions, we feel this is the best forum to provide the entire membership the opportunity to attend a business meeting. We are hopeful that we will be able to host in person business meetings in 2021, in coordination with reunions and other gatherings. Your participation and input are the foundation of the CCA, the board is firmly aware of this and will ensure we do all we can to that end.

Dave Wilson  CCA LM#107 CCS 1974-4 recently passed due to a stroke. His funeral arrangements are below:

Tuesday, October 20th at 12 p.m

Fort Jackson Cemetery,  Columbia South Carolina

Dave’s son Bobby, says the funeral home will have a Facebook live link for those who want to attend remotely. When Bobby provides the link, we think on Monday, we will push it out to you.

Keigan Baker (CCS 2019-4)  passed in March during a training event while he was attending USAF Combat Diver Course. His funeral arrangements are below:

November 12th at 11 a.m. PST

Willamette National Cometary, Portland Oregon

There will also be a celebration of life for Keigan at 4 p.m. the same day, at Cowlitz Convention Center, 1900 7th Avenue, Longview WA 98632.

Thanks to all for your involvement and providing input to guide the direction of the Combat Control Association. Growing our membership and providing meaningful offerings to our members is our focus, we can’t do that without you.

We wish everyone the best as we enter the holiday season. Pleas stay safe.

CCA Board.

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