Mark Forester Scholarship Awardees

The Combat Control Association proudly presents the
2019 SRA Mark Forester Scholarship awardees.
This year, each recipient will be awarded a $2,500.00 scholarship to continue their studies.

Erin Freeman
Bachelors in Music Performance
Erin is studying music performance at the University of Southern Mississippi. Upon graduation, her goals are to earn a Maters, and Doctorate degree in Flute Performance. From there, She intends on joining the world renowned Air Force Band as the principle piccolo or flute player, where she can use her craft to honor our country.

Margaret Johnson
Interdisciplinary Medicine
Margret is interested in both medicine and government. Florida State University offers two majors she would like to pursue: Interdisciplinary Medicine and International Relations. She plans to pair these majors with a minor in Spanish to make herself a more well rounded person and be more useful as an employee in the future.

Kelsey Stanbro
Bachelors of Science Marine Biology
This fall Kelsey will be attending the University of Bremen in Bremen, Germany. She will be studying in the master's science program for Marine Biology.  The program accepts 20 students each year and is highly competitive. The University of Bremen is highly research-intensive and courses take place in world-class marine research institutions or in the field, acquiring hands-on experience. Upon receiving my graduate degree I plan on going into either the field of marine conservation or eco-tourism.

Shane Wright
Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy
Shane is an alumni of the University of Central Florida. This March, he was accepted into Florida Gulf Coast's (FGCU) Master of Science program in Occupational Therapy.

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