The Combat Control Association (CCA) is a membership organization of Combat Controllers, past and present, of family members and friends of Combat Controllers, and of a broader community of individuals who are engaged in promoting and supporting the association.

The CCA is an organization of more than 1,200 members, with a steadily growing membership.

The CCA is actively engaged in assisting the membership in its mission to extend the proud history, heritage, and fraternity of Combat Controllers and of the United States Air Force Combat Control Teams.

The CCA has 3 membership classes:

1. Regular Members – Active duty, retired or separated military personnel who are or were qualified as Combat Controllers or Special Tactics Officers. Regular members can join as life or yearly members.

2. Associate Members – Military personnel or civilians who are approved by the board or a vote of the general membership. Examples of associate members are spouses of deceased life members, spouse or next of kin of KIA controllers, or others the board feels deserve this honor. These members do not vote or hold offices within the CCA.

3. Honorary Members – Membership awarded to persons who have made a substantial contribution to the Combat Control career field or the CCA. These memberships are approved by the CCA Board of Directors.