Annual Membership Meeting 2020

Annual Meeting 2020

The CCA Annual Membership Meeting was conducted using a virtual meeting format on Dec 19, 2020.

If you weren't in attendance, here are some links of interest.

Recording of the virtual meeting:

Minutes of the meeting:

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The 2020 Annual Membership Meeting will be held in December this year.

Typically these meetings are held in person during our reunions, but given all reunions/gatherings were cancelled due to COVID19, we have been constrained in hosting meetings.

Regardless, we want to provide a summary of 2020, and open the floor to any topics that might be on your mind.

On Saturday December 19th, at 1 pm EST, we will conduct the Annual Membership Meeting as a virtual meeting using the Zoom platform.

Some basic instruction on how to use it are posted below. As you test out the platform, if you have any questions, please email

We hope all are well, and want to wish you a happy holiday season.

We look forward to seeing you on December 19th.


ZOOM Meeting Instructions

  1. Log into the CCA Membership Database.
  2. Look for a button that says [Zoom - Annual Meeting] (Note: This button is ONLY visible when a meeting is active.)
  3. Click on the button.

NOTE: If you are using a device that has never ran a Zoom meeting, your system may need to install the Zoom software before proceeding. Make sure you have the proper permissions and install the application. If the meeting does not start at this time - re-click the [Zoom - Annual Meeting] button again.

Here is a link to a Test Zoom Meeting so you can check your Zoom'ability before the meeting:

I highly encourage everyone to use this test function, ahead of time, on the device you will use for the actual meeting.

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