The CCA is asking for your help.
As of this minute, there have been 3,666 Combat Controller with 3,213 still with us.
Of those 3,213 only 1,196 are members of the Combat Control Association.
That's about 37% and we think that is much to low.

We are asking every member to actively recruit your Non-Member Team Mates - to join us.

Just for fun - we are making this a challenge - with a reward.

For the month of April - the top 3 recruiters will be rewarded with an Amazon Gift Card.
$100 for the most recruits, $50 for second most and $25 for the third.
Simply tell your recruits to enter your name on the last page of the Application Form.


One hint that may help - Look up your CCS class in the Membership Database and see which class mates have not joined. Get in touch with them and let the recruiting begin.

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