CCA Update May 24, 2020


Good afternoon, and happy Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully you are able to enjoy some quality Spring weather, time with family & friends, and an economy that is starting to open back up.

In January when the board met in San Antonio, we outlined our 2020 priorities, as listed below.

  1. Review and update CCA Bylaws:
  2. Modernize the website and social media presence
  3. Formalize a fundraising campaign:
  4. Mature the regional reunion model:
  5. Execute a membership recruiting campaign:
  6. Mature and codify relationships with peer Associations / Foundations:

We are happy to report we have made progress on some of these initiatives.

Review and update CCA Bylaws: John Bringolf has created a platform on the CCA website for you to provided your feedback on our bylaws . You will be able to perform a paragraph by paragraph review. This may look daunting as our bylaws are captured in a 15-page document. The board discussed at length whether to simplify this process and only ask for feedback on certain sections of the bylaws, but elected to present a full review, so as to ensure transparency, and gather as much input as possible. John has made it very easy for you to provided feedback. We ask that you review the paragraphs and provided feedback where you feel it is necessary. If you have no feedback on a section, please do no click the “add comment” link. Thank you in advance for your participation and input. We ask for all feedback by July 15th, so the board has time to review, and make final adjustments by the end of the year.
Modernize the website and social media presence: John Bringolf along with our newly formed technology committee, has launched a survey to gather member input. The technology committee will start reviewing your feedback, and meeting regularly to maintain a posture of continued improvement. You don’t have to wait until surveys are sent out to provide input on how we can continue to improve the web site, its offerings, and our web presence. You can always reach out to us at to provide your thoughts. JB has also taken over the CCT Memorial page that Jim “The Beast” Boyce used to maintain. It is located here (Note: The original URL at will be operational shortly.)
Formalize a fundraising campaign: Chris Larkin led the board through the creation of a comprehensive fund raising strategy. Due to COVID19, we have taken our foot off the gas on fund raising. Businesses and individual donors need some space to focus on their organizations, employees, and families. Although fundraising is important to us, we also want to be respectful of the current challenges people are facing.
Mature the regional reunion model: As many of you know, all of our 2020 reunions have been cancelled due to COVID19. These were thoughtful decisions, but absolutely the correct decisions to make. The Vegas reunion committee has already posted dates for next year, April 22-24, 2021. You can sign up here We have not heard from our brothers in Nashville yet, but we are sure they are starting to look at dates as well for 2021. Additionally the board is looking at opportunities to get folks together this year, in areas where we have masses of CCA members, (maybe close to the squadrons). These are more like a single day event, rather than a reunion, but will provide a chance for us to get together. We have some homework to do on this, but it will facilitate fellowship with teammates, and hosting business meetings. Both of which are priorities for our Association.
Execute a membership recruiting campaign: Led by Kyle Stanbro, we are on pace for the best recorded recruiting year ever. As of this afternoon, we have recruited 128 new members. Our initial goal was to recruit 200 new members, and we are on pace for that. Since Combat Controllers are never satisfied with merely accomplishing the mission, we want to up that number to 300. We could use all of your support. If each member would quickly review the All CCT list at this location, and identify just one teammate who is not a CCA member, then recruit him, we can hit 300. This is less about hitting a number and increasing our membership, and more about bringing as many teammates into the fold as possible. We are better together, and no one takes care of us better than us; these truths helped us all survive many challenging situations while serving, and will continue to help us thrive.
Mature and codify relationships with peer Associations / Foundations: We continue to work with our peer organizations to ensure we are taking care of all of our men and women in the Special Warfare Community (every era). Although we all know this is an important initiative, we can tell you first hand through our recruiting efforts, it is very important to many on our teammates still serving. It is a common question we get from newly recruited members.

Thank you for all you do, and we hope you have a thoughtful Memorial Day tomorrow, remembering our friends, family members, and teammates who gave all while serving this great nation.


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