Condiff Family Support

Total Donations Received Through The CCA Website $28,220.00 As Of Dec 9, 2019 - Thank You

Condiff Family Support


This past Saturday, a local vendor spent the day replacing the back deck with a cement slab and walkway. They donated all of the labor and materials, and did a wonderful job.  It looks great and is more safe for the girls than the previous structure.

This coming Saturday, Mike West is putting together a work party at the Condiff house. Rachel and the girls are currently out of town, and will return Saturday evening or Sunday. Although Mike has volunteers, all are welcome, and he could use the help. If you would like to assist, please reach out to Mike at, 850-376-9378, or

Work party details:

Date: Saturday 11/30/19
Time: 9-11 a.m. (may go longer)
Location: 8411 Miranda St
                   Navarre, FL 32566
Work: Spreading dirt, building play set, general landscaping, front porch clean-up/minor repair, install garage door opener, clean garage, assemble deck furniture and other light clean up work.

Equipment (if you have it): Gloves, shovel, rake….

Ultimately, the goal for Saturday is to put some final touches on the work that has been done up to this point, so when Rachel and the girls arrive home from their Thanksgiving retreat, they will be welcomed by an improved home.

We still have lots to do, but as mentioned in the update over the weekend, much of that work is waiting on permits, materials, and work  crew scheduling. More to follow, as soon as we have updates to provided.

We are sure many of you have heard/read that 24 SOW suspended the search for Cole. We are sure this was an extremely difficult decision for all of our leaders involved, as well as Cole’s family. Please continue to  pray for all involved.

Thank you for all of your support.


As of 6 p.m. Friday, active recovery efforts for U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Cole Condiff, a Special Tactics combat controller who had an unplanned parachute departure from a C-130 aircraft November 5, 2019 over the Gulf of Mexico, south of Hurlburt Field, have been suspended.

Link to Article

Good afternoon. I want to start by apologizing for not getting this update out earlier. Mike West, the CCA rep coordinating support efforts for Operation Team Condiff, provided me information on Wednesday.

Due to a last minute business trip, I failed to get this out to you in a more timely manner. Please accept my sincerest apologies. I, and my board teammates, recognize you are tracking this closely as you want to help take care of our family.

Mike West, Maurice Sweet, Jake Sevy, and many other volunteers made some really good progress this week.

Saturday’s clean-up project went exactly as you would imagine, the team came together to clear out the yard, and adjacent lots setting us up for the follow-on phases of work. Thanks to all who participated.

Additionally, the team has worked with local vendors to assess, and scope the work for the deck, fence, roofing, siding, windows, doors, play set, and more advanced landscaping.

One of the things we learned is the deck was capturing moisture next to the house, so a local construction company recommended, and offered to install a cement slab as a more durable solution.

Not only did we get a better sight picture of the level of effort required, we also received many generous offers from the local community to donate materials and labor.

We are postured to get all of this work done at no cost to the family. Thanks to the many vendors who are joining us to take care of Rachel and the girls. We will formally recognize them at the appropriate time.

Although we have been pushing to get this work done very quickly, we are not moving as fast as we originally planned. The delays are understandable, such as ordering/delivering materials, scheduling professional labor, and getting permits for the work.

Mike, Maurice, and Jake are very aware that you are standing by waiting on a schedule, so you can assist. As the plan matures, we will get he information out to you. We appreciate your patience.

The 24 SOW also notified us this week that there will be a Remembrance Service on Hurlburt for Cole on Friday, December 6th, as per below. All are welcome/encouraged to participate.

Date: Dec 6, 2019

Team here are some pics of our teammates clearing the Condiff lot; day 1 was a great success. Thanks to all who participated. More to follow for the next phases of operation

Yesterday, we put out a call for assistance with replacing a deck for Rachel Condiff.
Not surprising, we quickly received a response. Brent Sibley said he has a team who can do this, and David Stapp also volunteered to assist.
We are checking to see if local wood suppliers would be willing to donate materials. Once we get that figured out, we will create a plan to demo the current deck, and build the new deck.
We also asked the family liaison if he could provide a list of other things that we could potentially assist with.
Cole and Rachel purchased this house as a fixer-upper, and were taking care of projects one at a time. Given the current circumstances, we would like to help accelerate these projects to take stress off Rachel, and the girls, Charley (4), and Quinn (1).
Here is the list of projects:
  1. Back deck project.
    Scope of work one 12’ x 12’ section & one 18’x16’ section.
    (we have a team, and are working on logistics; if you want to help, let us know)
  2. Property fence-line project.
    Scope of work: approx 450’ of fencing.
    (if you have skills and could help lead or do work, please let us know)
  3. Property landscaping project yard is currently not child friendly.
    Scope of work: clearing out significant overgrowth, grading backyard, install sprinkler system for front and backyard, .50 acre of sod.
    (if you have skills and could help lead or do work, please let us know)
  4. Exterior house paint project.
    Scope of work: repair rotted wood, and painting approximately 1900 sq ft, single story, wood panel exterior.
    (if you have skills and could help lead or do work, please let us know)
  5. Swingset/playset for the backyard. (not purchased yet)
    Scope of work: Pre-fab kit for slide/swings.
    (if you have skills and could help lead or do work, please let us know)
  6. Dumpster rental for deck and vegetation disposal. Estimate $600.
The goal of this request is to notify our members of the assistance the family could use. Once we understand who is able to assist with management/labor on projects, we will create a plan to execute.
23 STS, and the Condiff family are extremely grateful for our help up to this point, and are appreciative of anything we can offer.

Over the weekend, many of you donated money through the CCA Website for direct support to Cole Condiff’s family. This is above the money being raised on the go fund me page. Thank you for doing that!

We are actively working with the family liaison to apply those funds to some emerging requirements that we were made aware of this morning.

One requirement we learned of this morning is there is an old deck at the house that Cole was going to replace, the FLO wants to make that a priority.

If anyone from our membership, in the Hurlburt area has expertise in this area, and would like to assist with labor or management of the project, we can connect you with the FLO.

CCA believes we will be able to apply funds to assist with this, but we want to ensure we are putting out information for our members to be able to lend helping hands, as this has been a major requests from all of you.

Unfortunately, there are no new updates regarding the continued search for Cole.

Thanks for your continued generous support as we all work to support Cole’s family.


As many of you may have seen, 24 SOW put out a message today on our missing teammate.Although the Coast Guard has moved from a rescue mission to a recovery mission, the search for SSgt Cole Condiff, a Combat Controller is still on-going.

CCA continues to work with the family liaison officer to assist where we can.

There is now an official go fund me site if you would like to directly support the family. We received this directly from the FLO. This is the only official go fund me site, we recommend you not trust other sites.

If you would rather donate straight through CCA Website, we will ensure 100% of any donations through CCA get to the family.

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