From the Association Bylaws – there are 3 types of memberships available.

Membership classes are Regular, Honorary, or Associate members. Subclasses of members are
Annual and Life. Members may resign their membership at any time. Qualifications for each class

3.1.1 Regular Member. Active duty, retired or separated military personnel who are or were
qualified as Combat Controllers or Special Tactics Officers, who held an appropriate Primary,
Control or Duty Air Force Specialty Code, in the USAF, the Reserves or National Guard. Regular
members shall be entitled to vote and to hold office in the Association. Regular memberships shall
be on an annual or lifetime basis.

3.1.2 Associate Member. Military or civilians not otherwise eligible for Regular membership,
who shall apply for such membership, and be accepted by the Board of Directors or by a vote of
the general membership. Foreign Combat Controllers who graduate from Combat Control School
may be Associate members. Spouses of deceased life members and the spouse/next of kin of any
KIA controller shall automatically be eligible for Associate life membership without any further
payment of dues. Associate members may not hold any Association office or vote. Associate
members may serve on non-policy making committees, but are not entitled to any Regular member
privileges while in that capacity.

3.1.3 Honorary Life Member. Honorary Life Membership may be awarded to persons who have
made a substantial contribution to the Combat Control career-field or the Combat Control
Association. These persons have the same standards of excellence as every Combat Controller, but
have never been assigned to a Combat Control or Special Tactics organization. The Board of
Directors shall consider, deny or approve nominees for Honorary Life Membership.

3.2 DUES

3.2.1  Annual member dues are $50.00 per calendar year commencing on the date of payment.

3.2.2 Life member dues are $150.00 payable at the time of application.

3.2.3 Individuals who are current Annual Members may upgrade their membership to a Life Time
membership for $150.00.

3.2.4 Honorary members and spouses of deceased life members do not pay dues.

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