Nominations 2020


It is that time of year again where we initiate the nomination process for new board members.

With 7-board positions, each member is elected to serve a 3-year term. Each year two board members are scheduled to end their term, and on the third year, three members are scheduled to end their term.

Nominations are currently being accepted on the CCA website for the two upcoming vacant positions. If you wish to nominate a CCA member please go to

The nomination period will end on Wednesday September 30, 2020. Once all nominees are confirmed as qualified as per CCA Bylaws, and they accept their nomination, we will initiate the election voting process.

Voting will be open from Thursday October 1, 2020 thru Thursday October 15, 2020.

Bernie Oder and Mark Nevatt are both nearing the end of their terms, and we thank them for all of the time and effort they have volunteered to ensure our CCA is a purpose driven, well run organization, focused on serving our community.



If you are or may be nominated for this upcoming election - we highly recommend you log into the CCA Membership - We encourage everyone to update these ares so your fellow CCA Members can remember who you are or virtually meet you for the first time.

Database and complete the following.

1. Make sure your information is up to date.
2. Update your Biographical information under the [Go To My Record] -[View BIO] area.
3. Send a "passport style" photo to so we can attach it to your profile.
4. Update your Awards using the [Edit-Robbons] button on the View BIO page.

This is VERY important for nominees since this information will be displayed to potential voters.

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