2020 Mark Forester Scholarship Awardees

The Combat Control Association proudly presents the
2020 SRA Mark Forester Scholarship awardees.
This year, each recipient will be awarded a $2,500.00 scholarship to continue their studies.

Andrew Connor
Computer Engineering
I plan on continuing my studies at Auburn University in order to obtain a degree in computer engineering. I hope to at least obtain a Bachelor's degree, but if the opportunity presents itself, I wish to obtain a Master's degree in computer engineering. After college, I intend on starting a career with a big tech company such as Microsoft, NASA, or NVIDIA.

Sean Donlan
Civil Engineering
I plan to pursue Civil Engineering at Auburn University in the Fall, with the intent of earning a commission in the USAF upon graduation. I have been awarded a Type 2 AFROTC scholarship, and earned Auburn University's Presidential Scholarship.

Patrice Gayle Egan
Comprehensive Marketing
I intend to pursue the Comprehensive Marketing specialty within the Bachelor of Science Business Administration program at the University of West Florida. In the program, my main focus will be preparing for the marketing/business world and how it functions on a daily basis. As I begin my journey in Marketing in the fall of 2020, I will be able to learn and understand everything there is to know about marketing. As such, I will use my knowledge and skills to graduate with a bachelor's degree in marketing.

Alexandra Larkin
I would continue my studies at Florida State University, pursuing a degree in Communications. Receiving this scholarship will give me more opportunity to be involved with my school, give me more time to invest in my studies, and build relationships with professors and possibly future employers. I am set to graduate in 3 years rather than 4, and this scholarship could ease the financial burden of an accelerated course load as well.

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