Mark Forester Scholarship 2021 Season


If you would like to volunteer as a judge for the 2021 Mark Forester Scholarship, please check the criteria below and then log into the CCA Membership Database and click on the “Scholarship Page” button.

Judging will be by an impartial committee of five people (to include one CCA board member, once active duty STO, one retired STO/CCT Officer, one active-duty CCT, and one retired CCT). The Board member will be the tie-breaker if necessary; otherwise the board member will not vote.

Judging will take place August 2nd thru August 9th, 2021

Please apply ASAP!

Mark Nevatt, CCA Secretary
CCA LM#877

Link to the Mark Forester Scholarship information page:

Link to the 2019 Award Recipient Page:

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